Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Location Yaar Aval

My friends at Duke and I have been discussing this idea for a "show about nothing" in Tamil based on Seinfeld. One of the episodes is going to be a carroms game or multiple games (depending on whether Beauty Raja is playing or not). The name of the episode is "Location - Yaar Aval" after the famous set of dialogues from Mahabharatathil Mangaatha. In this episode 4 characters sit and play carroms. An India-Australia cricket match is happening at the same time.

Thoppus and Hari are on one team, and
Beauty Raja is on the other team. Beauty Raja's partner is not yet decided but the leading contender is Prasant. Vijay N is the substitute player and plays instead of Hari/Prasant when either of them is on the phone. Ali Baba makes tea during this episode. Naga plays an important role but ends up coming after the show ends, so you will not see him on screen.

Watch this space for more details on the script and the other characters.

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