Thursday, April 01, 2004

Ek Gawn May Ek Kisaan Raghu Thatha

Yake Gawn May Yake Kisaan Raghu Thatha - even the hardest corest Tamizhian would know this is one phrase in hInthi (h silent - pronounced in-thee). Ask them what the meaning is, and they are likely to come up with something like - A Thatha called Raghu bought a Gawn (gown) and some Kisan Jam in May (presumably for his grand-daughter). You can watch the movie clip here.

Hari and I are writing a song based on this phrase to teach hinthi to the ignorant. Intha paadalai naangal Auvaiyaar paati Thiruvaliyadallil padinathu pole - ondru erandu moondru endru varisai paduthi padugirom.

Yake - Yake Gawn Mein Yake Kisaan Raghu Thatha
Dho - Uske paas Dho Gai May Thatha
Theen - Wo Gai Theen litre dhoodh Dhey Thatha
Char - Isko peekay Tamizh Singam Chaar run Maar Thatha

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