Thursday, April 08, 2004

Ek Gawn May Ek Kisaan Raghu Thatha (contd)

C~P, one of the TFMpage vettis has completed the song started by Hari and I. C~P maybe familiar to some of you as one of the script writers of Superstar's next movie Ayya.

Yake Gawn Mein Yake Kisaan RaghuThatha
Uske paas Dho Gai MayThatha
Roj Gai Theen Litre Dhoodh DheyThatha
Iske Baarey Mein Chaar Log Chaar Vidham BolThaatha
Kyonki Dhoodh Mein Thaatha Paanch litre Paani KalakThaatha

Chey O'clock Seval KoovThaatha
Thaatha Saath Logown Ko Is Dhoodh OooThaatha
Log Isko Aat Kaal Soup Kay Saath KudiThaatha
Soup Peekar Now Log Seththu PoThaatha
Un Logon Ko Dhas Dhin Kay Baadh Paththu HoThaatha

Yake Gawn Mein Yake Kisaan RaghuThatha
Aur Yake Gawn Main Aur Yake Kisaan Raghu Thatha

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