Saturday, June 12, 2004

TiS donation page

I just realised that both the official TiS website and do not have links to the Sulekha donation page. So here is the link for the benefit of all the people who visit this blog -

The objective of the US team is to raise $100,000. I believe around $30k has been raised already, with another $20-25k in pledges. These figures are not official, so please do not quote me for this numbers.

If you think about it $100,000 is a small amount, which shouldn't have taken this long to raise. You typically require only 1000 donors to raise this amount (this is from my fundraising experience elsewhere). From Raaja's perspective this pathetic involvement by his fans will definitely dampen his enthusiasm for future such projects, since they probably have to be initiated in the USA. I am saying this because all he can do in India is movies, which is something he is not particularly interested in.

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