Tuesday, November 30, 2004

One for India 2004

To give you a brief background, One for India is the year end fundraising campaign of Association for India's Development (AID). AID supports NGOs who work on various aspects of grassroots development in India, such as health care, education, rural development, alternative technology, women's empowerment and so on. I used to be an active volunteer with AID-Duke for almost 6 years. Though my involvement now has considerably decreased due to other commitments, I still help them out once in a while.

The theme of the One for India campaign is to use the power of the internet to bring people together and make ONE, small or big, contribution to India during the holiday season. I request you to also visit the One for India website and make ONE your One contribution to India.

The web design for this year's One for India website was done primarily by myself and the stylesheet is aptly named as puliyodharai. The graphics was done by Prakash from Baton Rouge, LA. The e-cards page was created by Prabhu from San Diego. The backend scripts were written by Aravind from New Jersey last year. I did the layout and style i.e the CSS portions.

The original stylesheet was called thayirsadham and you can still render the page in its original form by using the alternate stylesheet feature in Firefox (IE sucks). The transformation from thayirsadham to puliyodharai happened two days before the launch of the website - the power of CSS. I'll have to thank Prakash for not being happy with thayirsadham and extracting the iyengar special puliyodharai from me.

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